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mother of 6-year-old

diagnosed with

sensory processing


I can't say enough about the progress we have seen in our son, Cash, since we started sessions with Arika a month ago. Our son has sensory processing disorder, and the reduction in certain behaviors and the emergence of new skills in him has been amazing to watch.

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- Elizabeth
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stroke survivor

My 25 year old son, Cole, sustained a massive right sided stroke in July of 2018. During Cole's recovery in the hospital, his neurosurgeon recommended I research the Anat Baniel Method (ABM), so I did and decided to see if I could find a practitioner closer than California to take Cole to.   After reading the bios of several practitioners in the state of Indiana, we decided to contact Arika and we thank God every day for her. 

Arika has been working with Cole for approximately 2 months and Cole, his therapist, and family have seen many positive improvements.  Cole is finally able to sleep through the night, his cognition is improving, his left arm and leg (affected by stroke) have less tone/clonus during therapies and his reflexes are improving.  But the biggest and best thing for Cole- he loves ABM lessons with Arika.  During his lessons, Arika is continually explaining what she is going to do and seeking feedback from Cole, i.e., does that hurt, are you doing OK, are you comfortable.  She is also very patient with Cole and encourages him to be as independent as he can safely be. 

It is very evident that Arika is not only a practitioner of the ABM method, she has seen the huge positive impact that it has made for her son, and she genuinely wants her clients to have that same experience.

Arika is an amazing person and ABM NeuroMovement practitioner.

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- Jean

diagnosed with


 &    Mason

7-year-old diagnosed with

sensory processing disorder and dyslexia

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Arika gives ABM lessons to both me and my youngest son. I have noticed the lessons have helped me with stability. I can rise from a sitting position with greater ease, manipulate stairs with more confidence and am less clumsy overall.

My little one’s focus and motor planning skills have improved. I am so thankful for an easy and natural way to help overcome some of life’s little challenges.

I highly recommend giving the Anat Baniel Method a try. You won't be disappointed.

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- Monica
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